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Cal-Conn Enterprises, Inc. Executive Team Biography


The Prerequisite for Success


John Krikorian, Consultant, Publisher, Marketing Executive

John has over 45 years of marketing experience, is a community activist, involved in many boards – past and present- that include the County of Los Angeles Human Relations Corporate Advisory Council, Los Angeles County Small Business Commission, County of Los Angeles Area Agency for Agency, Glendale Adventist Medical Center Advisory Council, Pasadena’s Mayor Disability Committee, Woodbury University President’s Executive Council, and Pasadena Special Olympics, to mention a few.  Past: Foothill-Pasadena Branch of the Los Angeles Urban League, Glendale-La Crescent Red Cross Chapter, Glendale President Advisory Council, Burbank and Pasadena Chambers of Commerce, Consumer Advisory Panel for Sempra Gas Company to mention a few. John is the former Vice President/Advertising Director of a Times (now Tribune) major newspaper in Hartford, Connecticut. A graduate of Bryant Univesity, Providence, Rhode Island and an U.S. Army Veteran. His career experience includes marketing and sales management.  Healthcare marketing and developing community outreach programs, developing market research for new business start-ups   Government relations’ healthcare & minorities and Crisis management. John has received many awards of recognition for business, community service and more. The ability to communicate is essential to creating a bridge between ideas and their accomplishments. "These are exciting and dramatic times for anyone who is trying to communicate effectively.  New forms of media continue to emerge daily as the face of the market changes rapidly and it takes revaluating where you are and where you want to go, and where the world is going", notes Krikorian.

Gregory S. Krikorian, Executive Vice President of Development, Marketing Executive, Consultant

Greg has over 20 years of experience in retail/marketing through major publications, such as the New York Tribune and the Detroit News, where he received the "Creative Advertising Award." Manages external & internal communications for Cal-Conn Enterprises, Inc. He has developed cost effective domestic/international marketing projects.  His experience also includes government relations, crisis management and community relations.  Produced television commercials and newsprint for advertising campaigns. Responsible for Developing and Implementing Corporate Community Outreach Programs throughout Los Angeles County. Develop client marketing & public relation strategies for penetrating and gaining market share within the ethnic markets with emphasis on Armenian, Asian, African American, Persian, Hispanic and Russian communities.  Strategic Media Services; Buying, Traffic and Media Coordination. Create and Implement Small Business Forums.  Manage website, Market Research  & Project Management, Manage operation planning for sales and support staff.  (Direct & agency), interface with vendors and expense management.  Establish strategic and operational sales growth plans designed to build revenue and enhance market position.  Greg is on various boards such as the Verdugo Hills Boy Scout Council and is presently an elected official on the Glendale Unified School District serving in the 2007-2008 year as president for the group.


Company Background:

Cal-Conn Enterprises, Inc. founded in 1989, with the knowledge that "Great Ideas" rely on powerful communication if they are to succeed, and this concept gave birth to Business Life Magazine in 1990. Through the years Cal-Conn Enterprises has entered many new streams of revenue to continue moving forward. A four-color business lifestyle magazine that serves readers and advertisers in Los Angeles County- covering the Twin Valleys of San Fernando and San Gabriel connected by the vibrant and diverse cities of Burbank, Glendale, and Pasadena. Readers include business owners – small and large movers and shakers in cities served, professionals and various members of multicultural chamber and business associations, Hispanic, Armenian, Asian, Filipino, Black, etc. Next was the formation of Krikorian Marketing Group, by the need of marketing outreach to the growing multicultural population in the region. Cal-Conn Enterprises was contacted by many local firms seeking to establish linkage with the ethnic community to provide services and products.  At the same time their was an explosion of new ethnic language media, such as television (cable) and print in the various languages. This was followed by the birth of to meet the coming needs and growing impact and revenue potential of the new internet on advertising and information. Soon executives of an area non-profit group asked us to produce a Senior Resource directory for the region.  After exploring and holding several area focus groups, we saw the need for a Senior publication, so the birth of Senior LIVING Magazine originally, quarterly, now bi-monthly, serving the growing number of Baby Boomers, those 55 plus. A growing market that is not sitting home in their rocking chairs, but out purchasing homes, cars, travel and living an active lifestyle. As we look to the challenges of 2008 and beyond it was decided to redirect from strictly promoting our publications to that of being a full business resource for those seeking information on doing business in California and on the near horizon will be the introduction of  This was due to thousands of hits on the site requesting direction on navigating the California market. Cal-Conn Enterprises recognizes that Communication is a fluid industry, with the methods and tools in constant change.

• Recognizing the rapid growth of Internet media and E-Commerce and a need to focus on being the definitive, long term, source of business, a virtual one-stop concierge for California, it was decided to launch in February 1996, establishing the trademark in 2000. To feature the most dynamic and interactive upscale website, the decision was made to redesign and redirect the focus of this much hit web site of in January 2008.  The mission was to make the site more pro-active, a new revenue stream, and for those seeking to “Do Business” in California, one of the largest commerce centers in the world.

A One-Stop Concierge Business Resource Center  for those seeking to enter the California market.  An upscale, business-to-business internet that will have a definite focus and be all enhancing, with linkage and many alliances with “On-Line Advertising Opportunities”.  The web has become a vital intricate and necessary resource for those seeking to “Do Business”. The brand name ‘ is easy to remember – easy to recall and has a tie to the core business world that has been attracting hits without promotion.   The name is synonymous with prestige, trust, vitality and prominence. The initial introduction had as the main focus, the two publications, Business Life and Senior LIVING Magazines.  The focus has been changed to seek viewers that are prospecting for information on areas of interest such as connecting with California, Global: Pacific Rim, Business Resource, Small Business, Technology, Real Estate, Travel-Entertainment, Sales-Marketing, Careers Advancement and much more. will offer greater visibility and cost-effective marketing opportunities.  The company expects to achieve rapid growth and make significant progress in establishing brand name in the marketplace in 2008.

Business Life Magazine, the only four-color business journal magazine that serves the region has received many awards and recognition over the past years. The U.S. Small Business Administration presented Business Life with their State of California “Media Advocate” award.  Soroptimist International gave their prestigious “Improving the Status of Women” award for a 20 “country” region to Business Life. The Los Angeles County Human Relations Commission recognized Business Life as a member of their “Corporate Advisory Committee”. The publication strives to include the multicultural business entrepreneur as their readers.  Business Life understands that many of the new business start-ups are multicultural and women owned businesses and that they have to be covered with news and information that is relevant and informative to their needs.  The May 2005 15th Anniversary celebration event had as the keynote speaker Hector Barreto, Administrator, U.S. Small Business Administration, Washington DC along with other leading civic and government officials. Awards: U.S. Small Business Administration “Small Business Media Advocate” for State of California, Soroptimist International “Improving Status of Women” for 20 country region, Business Executive of the Year by the Business Professional Women’s Association, Armenian Relief Society for “Improving Life for New Immigrants”, California Senior Legislature Certificate of Appreciation, and the Fabulous First Honoree Award by the Pasadena Enterprise Center, Member of L.A. County Human Relations Commission Corporate Advisory Committee special recognition, plus that from the Lincoln Training Center, Villa Esperenza, along with numerous recognition’s from various civic, commerce and government officials. Visit


Senior LIVING Magazine serves the over 55 market in Los Angeles County and delivers quality journalism in a four-color format, that is both informative and positions itself an advocate for the 55 plus mature market. The advertising content is also fitting to the general theme of the audience that we are reaching. Editorial content from covers that features ‘celebrities’, to health care, finance, lifestyle, travel and entertainment news and advertising content.  The publication has grown by 50% in distribution to targeted readers that looking to the future. Also, the fact that 50% of our distribution is "Direct Mailed" to homeowners that are 55 Plus. Again prime prospects for facility, product and services.  We offer many methods to reach out, they range from Classified to Display units, to our new Close Up Advertorial opportunity. 


Krikorian Marketing Group (KMG) was born to serve the needs of the multicultural market located in Los Angeles County and in California.  The concentration was on the emerging multicultural populations that included a large and growing number of Armenians and extended out to connect with the Russian, Arabic and Muslim communities. The mainstream media, both print and television was not serving these emerging markets. An offshoot of KMG was the formation of Armenian Media Network, that became a “One-Stop” media buying arm for translation, creative, community outreach and the 10 plus print publications (daily and weeklies) and the multi complex television cable mix to cover this market.  The same can be said for the other multicultural groups.  KMG successfully completed contracts for Census 2000, for the State of California, Cities of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Glendale in reaching out to the multicultural communities that included the Armenians, Russians, Persians and Arabs.  Each an emerging population in Los Angeles County and California.  Other clients have included Wells Fargo, Glendale Adventist Medical Center, Tenet, Universal Primary Care, Community Comprehensive Health Center and numerous others. John understands that it takes more than translation of advertising to penetrate the multicultural community that language and cultural barriers must be overcome. Take a visit to A major community event was held “Dynamics of the Armenian Community” with leaders of the Glendale, County and State business, civic and service organizations, at the Nestle auditorium. Speakers included: Mayor of Glendale, Board Trustee of the GlendaleCommunity College, Glendale Unified School District, along with directors of U.S. Census and the U.S. Small Business Administration for L.A.County region.